Our story

The Playpulse company was born in early 2016 and aims to bring  to market a new gaming solution for exercise equipment.

We’re gamers by heart. So much so that we have made academic careers of gaming research, carefully unravelling what makes your hearts beat a little faster when you play. But let’s face it, it’s not exactly exercising, is it? Everybody knows exercising is really, really good for you, so we asked ourselves: How may we combine our gaming knowledge and interest with cutting-edge research in physical exercise?

We knew we needed to focus on four key elements to make this work:

  • Awesome gameplay to engage over time
  • Quick response and accuracy – your efforts must count in the gameplay
  • The game play cannot favor athleticism or gaming skills alone – that’s just unfair
  • Natural achievement of high-intensity intervals – as this is the most efficient way to exercise

We worked on this for a long time, and talked to a lot of people to find the perfect solution. The result is Playpulse, a unique gaming platform for indoor cycling. With Playpulse you get the thrill and excitement of an awesome gaming experience combined with the well-established benefits of high-intensity, training. This concept brings together the research of EXCAR (Exercise, Cardiometabolic Health and Reproduction) and NTNU’s Research program on video games at the University and Science of Technology in Trondheim, Norway.

Playpulse is suitable for everyone.

Being fit is an advantage but not a requirement; a tactical mind is equally important. Experienced gamers, athletes, and everyone in between will compete on equal terms in the game, exploiting their individual strengths and weaknesses. Teaming up with your friends and colleagues makes this a social experience as well.

Our mission is to turn high intensity interval training into a fully-fledged computer gaming experience, boosting exercise motivation and battling sedentary lifestyles across the globe